Blockchain-based SESSIA social network is the title partner of KICKVARD Online University. The app’s concept entails the creation of a transparent community around the ecosystem in order to integrate consumers and brands, and eliminate intermediaries between them, such as banks and advertising agencies in the interests of all the participants.
Kicker Express, Kicker and Kicker Pro course graduates get a year-long access to working with SESSIA business app, which allows:
  • gain hands-on experience of how blockchain technologies work
  • become familiar with the basics of marketing sales, working with clients
  • apply theoretical knowledge in practice with leading companies
  • try your hand in launching your own business
  • turn your studies into a job with a guaranteed income

Working with the SESSIA app

A graduate who successfully passed the exams at Kickvard Online University will be able to turn their app-based theoretical studies into a real business that brings income. From that moment on he becomes SESSIA’s full-fledged business partner and has the right to connect Russian and international companies to the app.


Those who pass the course, become a kicker. After that, they will get the opportunity to sign up businesses to Sessia. Percentage a kicker will get from business' turnover will depend on status (1 week, 6 months or 1 year).

Business turnover (signed up by a kicker) via SESSIA per year


Clients' cashback


20% clients' cashback - SESSIA's commission

Kicker Express
Course duration:1 weekCycle:Once a monthNumber of participants:100
From SESSIA's revenue 25% Kicker's profit per year0


course price
Course duration:6 monthsCycle:Once a yearNumber of participants:250
From SESSIA's revenue 40% Kicker's profit per year0


course price
Kicker Pro
Course duration:1 yearCycle:Once a yearNumber of participants:500
From SESSIA's revenue 50% Kicker's profit per year0


course price
First social kickback platform for businesses and clients based on blockchain technology

How does it work?

Sessia automatically publishes informational post about the purchase you’ve made on the walls of all your followers. In the post, the follower will see the contents of your order, percentage of cashback that was given, and Sessia will save this information in the blockchain. Every post can be liked, discussed, shared, what’s more, online and offline shops can be recommended.