Youth opinions on the demand for blockchain
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Youth opinions on the demand for blockchain

Jun 18, 2019

The Enroll.Online portal and the online Kickvard University of blockchain technology conducted a joint survey on the topic “The popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency among schoolchildren and college applicants.” The study was conducted with the aim of understanding the degree of demand for the blockchain industry among young people – both as a future profession and as an education specialization. The survey was conducted among high school and university students.

The survey demonstrated that 80.3% of respondents have heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general terms from the media or from friends. 11.5% are actively interested in the industry, follow the news and understand the trends, while 8.2% of respondents admitted that they do not know what it is.

To the question of whether the cryptocurrency as a whole is needed, over 55.7% of the respondents answered that in reality it is only required for certain specialists. 29.5% of respondents said that cryptocurrency is the money of the future, and 14.8% questioned the need to use digital currency, because they believed that the traditional forms of payment are sufficient.

Over half of the respondents (52.5%) expressed doubts in the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency have a future. 14.7% of respondents consider cryptocurrency to be a trend of fashion that will soon pass. While 32.8% are convinced that cryptocurrency and blockchain will invent our future, therefore, experts in these spheres will soon be in great demand in the labor market.

Responses to the question of readiness to try their hand in this area as an official job also serves as evidence that blockchain specialists will soon be very attractive from a recruiting perspective. 44.3% of respondents confirmed their interest, 32.7% said that there are many factors that may influence their decision to work in this industry, 23% preferred more traditional industries for their career growth.

At the same time, 52.5% of respondents admitted that they would have agreed to work in a blockchain-related project if they had received an offer with high wages. 36.1% of respondents would go to relatives or experts for advice, and only 11.4% would refuse immediately.
“The demand for experts in the blockchain economy is growing rapidly. Russian universities are already offering educational programs to train IT specialists, economists, and managers to work with blockchain technology, which in the near future will have a dramatic impact on the digital economy. Even today, the labor market is experiencing a need for cryptocurrency specialists, ICO analysts, blockchain engineers, blockchain developers, mining specialists.

Many universities include blockchain technology courses in their curricula. For instance, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation has opened a specialized master’s program “Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.” Program graduates gain competence in the field of new approaches to the architecture of fintech solutions, centralized and decentralized databases, architecture of blockchain solutions and their prospects. They have knowledge of the main cryptocurrencies and specialized exchanges, blockchain investments, mining, and promising blockchain projects,” said Alla Noskova, founder of the Enroll.Online portal.

“According to the survey results, it is clear that there is apparent interest in the blockchain industry. Naturally, many people have certain mistrust and concerns – this is a completely new sphere that does not even have official regulations at the state level. However, it should be noted that more than half of the respondents are convinced that both this technology and cryptocurrency have a future. And the fact that more than 40% of respondents believe that knowledge of blockchain will be needed for employment in the coming years proves the need for educational projects in this area,” Natalya Dybina, head of the online Kickvard University, shared her opinion.