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Jul 24, 2019

Cryptocurrency has become an important part of the modern world. It is hardly surprising to be offered an option to pay with Bitcoin at a cafe or restaurant, and shops that accept crypto as payment are no longer shocking either. But there are services that benefit from the crypto-world advantages, which will definitely surprise you.

21st century funeral
It may not be the most joyful, but still extremely relevant. There is a private funeral home that accepts Bitcoins in Minneapolis, USA. Moreover, Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation makes a 3% discount for progressive customers.
Agreed, although the topic is not a fun one, but there are significant advantages to this endeavor. For example, crypto is very useful in settlements between different cities and countries – you do not have to pay commissions and exchange money between currencies. Also, Bitcoins are convenient if you need to transfer funds quickly without using banking services.

Crypto and beauty
Another American company has been proving that cryptocurrency is the future. Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, a plastic surgery clinic in the hot and sunny Miami has become the first medical center in the world to use various types of cryptocurrency as official means of payment.
Want to augment your breasts? To correct a little bump on the nose? Remove unwanted hair? You can easily pay with Bitcoins. In fact, these talented and creative guys aren’t simply riding the mainstream trend – they’ve been creating it by using crypto since November 2013.

Bitcoin and Sharia
Unexpected? The Independent (UK) reports that according to the results of a special study, cryptocurrency does not contradict the norms of Sharia. Cryptocurrency donations are now being accepted in London, at the Turkish Shacklewell Lane Mosque. Official representatives of the mosque said they plan to collect a rather impressive amount - about £10,000. Note that this mosque is not the first religious institution to take advantage of cryptocurrency. The pioneer was the Catholic Church of St. John the Evangelist in New York.

Strip club
Not only religious objects, but dancer services at a private club can be paid for with cryptocurrency. Once again, the United States is ahead of the pack –order a tequila or a personal dance at the Legends Room in Los Angeles using any cryptocurrency that is traded on the Bittrex exchange. But the club owners went even further and introduced their own cryptocurrency, which can be used in the institution.

Alpaca wool socks
Massachusetts-based Grass Hill Alpacas, a US company, has been selling alpaca wool products since 2006. But American farmers are not far behind civilization, and very soon you’ll be able to buy warm fluffy socks for Ether and Bitcoins.

Russia is not far behind!
And finally, we’d like to surprise you with a story from our country. A year ago, one of the Yekaterinburg massage salons (well, maybe not only massage) gave its customers the option to pay for services with Bitcoins. The goal is to allow visitors to maintain complete confidentiality. Of course, this is a very promising undertaking, and in the near future their experience will certainly be adopted by other similar institutions.