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Apr 9, 2019

Several events that will take place in the upcoming month may affect both the price of specific cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole.

Events that can seriously alter the market situation occur in the world of cryptocurrency every month. RBC Krypto presented them in the form of a short calendar.

Free distribution of Vostok Token to WAVES holders
30 million tokens of the Vostok project were airdropped among the holders of WAVES. For this purpose, Altcoin blockchain snapshots were taken every day for two months. The platform attracted $120 million in investment last December. In February 2019, Vostok signed a cooperation agreement with the National Center for Informatization (NCI, part of Rostec Corporation), which will implement public-sector projects.
May affect:
Price of Waves

MultiVAC’s IEO on the KuCoin exchange
The MultiVAC project raised $3.6 million in seven seconds during the crowdsale. The IEO took place at the KuCoin Spotlight site. Most users did not have time to participate in the sale, and the exchange is currently conducting an investigation, as some investors may have broken the rules, and will take "serious measures" against them. MultiVAC developers are creating a system for resolving the issue of blockchain technology scalability.
May affect:
Price of KuCoin Shares, MultiVAC Token

The first real estate auction sale for cryptocurrency
Lj Hooker, a large Australian real estate company will hold an auction to sell an elite private residence for cryptocurrency. In addition to the Australian dollar, bets will be accepted in Bitcoin and Binance coin. BTC and BNB rates will be converted and displayed in traditional currencies.
May affect:
Course Binance Coin and Bitcoin

Launch of the QuarkChain Singularity V1.0 core network
The QuarkChain team announced the launch of the Singularity V1.0 core network, which has been developed and tested over the past year. The project aims to create a system capable of conducting one million transactions per second. Startup executives reported that they were the first to implement sharding technology.
May affect:
QuarkChain cost

No dates specified
Transition of the Effect.AI project to the EOS blockchain, next Bytecoin update, the release of the Mainframe project OS, the launch of the Fetch.AI test network, AELF and IOStoken airdrops.