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1. Setting up cryptowallet

As the tuition in our university is paid in Ethereum, you will need to set up a cryptowallet. Don’t worry, this is very easy! We will help you:
  • 01.After purchasing ETH on the stock exchange, you must make a transfer to your personal wallet and then follow the instructions.
    Strictly forbidden to transfer the broadcast directly from the exchange!
  • 02. If you already have a cryptograph, you do not need to create a new one immediately go to the purchase of cryptocurrency: 2. Buying Ethereum.
  • 03. Go to website MyEtherWallet: https://www.myetherwallet.com/.
  • 04. Choose “Your language”:
  • 05. On the tab “New wallet” enter password, that will be used to access your wallet (come up with a secure password, using capital letters, numbers and symbols) > Set up a wallet.
  • 06. Click “Download file Keystore”. The file will be downloaded onto your computer. This file is a digital signature to your wallet, it contains your private and public keys, and will be needed each time you want to access your account.
  • 08. Save your wallet number in a safe place!
  • 09. Click “Save my address”.
  • 10. Choose in the column on the left «KEYSTORE FILE (UTC / JSON)». And choose the downloaded file with wallet:
  • 11. Enter your password and click “Unlock”.
  • 12. Your have accessed your wallet. Your address is the number of the cryptowallet, you can use it to obtain and keep cryptocurrency:
  • 13. Copy and save your address, that can be found in the fields “Your address” and “Hidden key”.
  • 14. Save your wallet number in a safe place!

2. Buying Ethereum

  • 01. Go to: https://exmo.me/?ref=198695.
  • 02. Register:
  • 03. To add funds to your account, first you need to go to the list of wallets. Click the button “Wallet”:
  • 04. Then we see existing wallets and their balances:
  • 05. Click “Add” next to the currency you want, choose the convenient way, and enter the desired sum and pay.
  • 06. To add funds with the help of Visa/MasterCard you need to go through verification process, to do that go to profile settings in the top right corner of the website:
  • 07. If your account is refilled, you can convert currency. Click “Convert” on the top of the website.
  • 08. Choose the existing currency, and then choose the desired one. Enter the amount and click “Convert”. The money will be transferred from your base account to the Ethereum account:
  • 09. To transfer the funds to your wallet, copy the wallet number from the website Myetherwallet.com. Then go back to exchange, to the “Wallet” tab. Next to ETH account, choose “Transfer”: STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO TRANSFER THE BROADCAST DIRECTLY FROM THE EXCHANGE!
  • 10. In the menu, that will open you need to enter the amount and the address of the wallet that you’d like to transfer to (always check, if the wallet number is correct!)
  • 11. Check the balance of your wallet.

3. Adding wallet to the personal account in the Sessia app

  • 01. Open the Sessia app.
  • 02. Choose “Reports”.
  • 03. Choose “Cryptocurrency” - Add wallet.
  • 04. In the open field enter the wallet address and click “Save”.

4. Paying for tuition in the Kickvard university

  • 01. In “Reports” in the Sessia app choose “Cryptocurrency”, choose “B Sessia”, and then Refill ETH.
  • 02. Choose “Recharge via Myetherwallet.com”.
  • 03. On the website Myetherwallet.com unlock your wallet with the help of “KEYSTORE FILE (UTC / JSON)”.
  • 04. Choose transfer Ethereum (ETH) and tokens.
  • 05. Enter your wallet number 0xf7B22848Fcb0F7D4Bcd4A53bE8C7dA8bfdF9693F, enter the amount of 2ETH.
  • 06. Click “Make a transaction”.
  • 07. During the next hour, Ethereum will transferred to your Sessia account, and you will be able to pay for products.
  • 08. In the Sessia app, choose “More”, and then “Shop”.
  • 09. In the open window, choose Kickvard.
  • 10. Choose the course, and click “Buy”.