Blockchain professions: the future is here already
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Blockchain professions: the future is here already


Development of blockchain technology has led to the emergence of an entire range of blockchain experts. We decided to list the new professions associated with the blockchain industry - the future is here already!

Professions that have appeared because of blockchain:
Blockchain Engineer is a core developer with major experience in system programming in C / C ++, Go or Java. Similar to developers who code the kernel for Linux.
Blockchain developer is a developer with strong experience. Similar to a professional who codes desktop applications. Required skills include: Microsoft SQL Server; Visual Studio; .NET; MVC; AJAX; SQL; C; C ++; Javascript; Node.js; JQuery etc.
Smart contract developers – experts with significant web development experience (for example, in JavaScript or Python) are perfect here. Most blockchain projects require a professional smart contract developer.
Blockchain project manager – manages all processes, including administration of their development.
Professions that are adapted to the blockchain domain:
Lawyers. A specialist with a law degree can increase his demand manifold if he also masters the niche blockchain-related areas. Companies need the following services:
legal advice and support for ICO;
the legal status of cryptocurrency exchanges and their judicial protection;
legislative regulation;
blockchain legal regulation: the introduction of technology and smart contracts to existing business (privacy policy and other legal documents);
cryptocurrency crimes (fraudulent acts and criminal law);
cryptoasset inheritance.
Public relations and marketing specialists. One of the most important points in the work of any startup is the creation of a individual community, which requires a strong PR specialist on the team. He will promote the idea or project, keeping in touch with crypto enthusiasts.
Financial experts. Since cryptocurrencies are developing along with the blockchain, and most blockchain startups use tokens, these projects require financiers. These include investment bankers, analysts and auditors, lenders, stockbrokers.
Experts are in demand in the blockchain industry
1. Development
Blockchain requires a huge number of programmers. These are front-end, web-, Solidity- and blockchain developers with knowledge of the main programming languages - C ++, Golang, Scala, Java and Python. Of course, regular vulnerability and usability testers are also needed.
2. Management
A valuable specialist for a blockchain startup is an investment director who will convince the investors of the project’s advantages: so far, few investors willingly bring money to the blockchain. Classic product managers and project and product managers will be in demand. At the junction of management and development is the position of the CTO (chief technology officer), or technical director. He is responsible for the growth and development of new products in the company.
3. Marketing and PR
Blockchain needs high-level marketers, community managers, event managers and talented PR people. The main skills for these specialists are international experience, fluency in English, and a good understanding of blockchain technologies and ICOs.
Bounty manager is a new profession that came into marketing from the blockchain. Bounty is a program of participation in ICO for tokens that have not yet been issued. Program members look for vulnerabilities in the code and talk about ICOs in their blogs. The task of the bounty manager is to conduct a bounty campaign, communicate with program participants and keep track of awards.
4. Analytics
Blockchain analytics is actively developing in the “big four” of the world's largest auditing companies - KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC and Deloitte. They offer services to non-blockchain companies in blockchain destinations. They need financial analysts who will monitor cryptocurrency markets and stock exchanges, evaluate the efficiency of cryptoinvestments and make forecasts for the development of the blockchain economy.
5. Law
The legislation in the blockchain sphere is constantly changing, the legal status of cryptocurrency remains unclear. Any project that goes to ICO requires specialized lawyers with international experience and an understanding of smart contract technology.